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Providing work-life skills for a better future.

We are a Berkshire based not-for-profit company, formed to teach life skills to young people with severe/specific learning disabilities, through our local coffee van service.


Transforming Lives.

The butterfly is a great symbol for change, transition, adaptation, and growth and a fitting analogy to the many stages that our children need to go through to learn the skills they need to become functional adults in the wider world. The skills that they will learn in our café will help them with this transformation.


 'I am delighted that Jennie has chosen to support our students, giving them the opportunity to try out new practises and enhance their capabilities. The work experience it has been providing and the certification the student will receive at the end of the placement will aid CV building, as well as supporting evidence for any application for internships or traineeship. Each student will build knowledge and with that comes self-confidence.'   Helen Bardsley - Careers & Work Related Learning Lead at The Avenue School


The little van that can.

Our bespoke van allowed us to start small scale with lower start-up costs, less overheads and is a real business. It can also be parked outside the students’ current place of education, which saves valuable travel time but most importantly means that the students are already somewhere familiar, which helps reduce anxiety - which is common in people with disabilities.

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