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Work-life skills for a better future

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Urgent Appeal - Donations needed to help us buy a generator for our van.
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What is it?



We are a Berkshire-based not-for-profit community interest company formed to set up a coffee van to teach life skills to young people with severe/specific learning disabilities. 

There is a huge need for social enterprises like this in the U.K to focus on what our young people CAN DO to make a contribution to society, whilst increasing their independence, reducing social isolation, and contributing to good mental health.


We believe young people with learning disabilities have the right to work, to have the same opportunities as their mainstream counterparts and to live life to the full

Transforming Lives

The butterfly is a great symbol for change, transition, adaptation, and growth and a fitting analogy to the many stages that our children need to go through to learn the skills they need to become functional adults in the wider world. The skills that they will learn in our café will help them with this transformation.

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